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Short Sale

When A Short Sale Might Be Your Best Option

We are uniquely qualified Silicon Valley realtors who can work with homeowners in a “short sale” situation. We have proven experience assisting people facing difficult life circumstances where a traditional home sale is not the best solution.

A short sale is:

  • A way to exit a bad mortgage and shed residual home-related debt
  • A fresh start at manageable living costs
  • A house-selling, debt-management method expertly orchestrated by our team

Here is how it works:

1. Study your home-sale options

Every homeowner’s situation is unique; we sit down with you to assess your circumstances and help you determine your best home-sale option.

A short sale may be an option if you are in a position which requires you to sell your home but have a mortgage loan higher than its current market value.

In a short sale:

  • Creditors are asked to take less than what is owed on the mortgage loan to avoid additional costly fees in a protracted foreclosure process
  • The seller is released from a difficult debt in a relatively short period of time.

2. Work with lenders and creditors

If we determine that a short sale is the best option, we will be by your side through the entire process. We are experienced at:

  • Submitting all legal filings
  • Working with the bank to stop foreclosure proceedings and come to an agreement on short sale terms
  • Engaging in negotiations with other creditors to help reduce additional home-debt obligations

3. Sell your house

With the short sale negotiated with lenders and creditors, we are able to market the house at a price that is in line with comparable properties. For many, the process is completed in about six months –enabling you to move forward under better circumstances.

As experienced Bay Area realtors, we understand the challenges inherent in these situations. Our goal is to help you overcome this difficult set of circumstances and achieve optimal outcomes for all involved.