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We are proud to be an established name in San Francisco real estate and beyond. We are also particularly grateful for our loyal clientele. These testimonials reflect years of excellent work on both the buyer and seller’s behalf.

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Beatrice Kopilenko

Anjali A.
Beatrice is dynamic and backed by over 30 years of experience. She is up-to-date with exactly what’s happening in the market right now and has access to an incredible amount of historical data. Her response times are quick, and she is always available by phone to answer any questions or settle any nerves.


Lia E.
Beatrice was the best – we wouldn’t have gotten our place without her!


Kim P.
Beatrice is great! Smart, helpful and great to work with!


Tom B.
Beatrice is a highly talented Real estate professional! I would not have been able to find my home in SF without her resourcefulness and quick thinking. I recommend Beatrice to anyone who wants to buy or sell Real estate in the bay area.-


Ealon Howell
Beatrice Kopilenko helped me purchase my new home just in time for the holidays this past year. Before I met Beatrice, I'd been looking for a new home for well over a year and was starting to get antsy due to the rising costs of everything in the Bay Area. I had a bit of a down payment lined up but was sort of flying blind when I went out to open houses. I'd been to many open houses and every real estate agent would always pry into my personal business, with little concern of knowing me personally. They'd then ask the question "Do you have an agent?" I would always say no, but I emphasized that I was in fact seriously looking for a house. Despite my sincere house-hunting claims, I was disregarded almost 100% of the time.

Then I went to look at a beautiful two bedroom close to the Excelsior neighborhood and Beatrice was the realtor hosting the open house. She asked me the same prying questions but seemed genuinely interested in what I was looking for (not just an easy to read customer with x number of assets). She was extremely personable. When I told her I wasn't represented yet, she casually looked me in the eye and asked me, "Can I represent you?" I took her card and went home and thought about it for a few days. After considering my options and knowing that I needed to be taken seriously, I called her back; mainly because she simply asked for my business: dozens of open houses and she was the only agent that legitimately wanted to sell me a house.

Up until then, I felt every other bay area agent I came across was universally snooty or glib. Other agents seemed so pampered by the booming market that they never really have to ask for someone's business. I forgot that agents are supposed to work for the customer not just print money for the agent. Beatrice simply asking, "Can I represent you?" spoke volumes of what I would expect.

Beatrice went off to the races quickly. She made spreadsheets of everything that I had been looking at with their expected closing price or their actual closing price. She put everything in perspective and showed me what to look out for, how to navigate the choppy market etc. She was very knowledgeable.

She helped me draft a few offers for places that I wanted in SF but she warned me I wasn't likely to get. She may have helped me draft "less competitive" offers for a couple of reasons: to put on my training wheels for doing the paperwork, and possibly to knock some sense of reality into me of the tenaciously booming Bay Area market. Throughout the two failed offers, she always kept a wonderful demeanor and appropriate professionalism, and certainly kept me from getting frustrated when things were looking a little gloomy. Those "training wheel" offers eventually lead to me expanding my search beyond SF-proper: when it did, she helped me search in places like Daly City, San Mateo, and South SF.

I found a pretty great townhouse in the nearby burbs' and Beatrice helped me make an offer for what I believed was unreasonably low compared to other places in the area. To my surprise, THEY ACCEPTED MY OFFER FOR PURCHASE, and for less than what I assumed I would pay. I was really grateful that Beatrice was able to calculate the right amount she believes the house was worth and position it in such a way that they accepted right away.

Then the real speed bumps happened. The house was a short-sale, so there was lots of bumps in the closing. The sellers bank didn't approve some contingencies, and hurdles with inspections, financing, etc. My mortgage company dropped the ball hard when it came to on time appraisals.

Despite that, she had a rapid backup plan every time we hit a block. She found me a new lender who approved me extremely quickly and helped me close fast. She helped speed along the appraisals, talk to the title company, etc. Every delay was overcome quickly due to her diligence and follow-through.

All-in-all it took from September 4 when we made the offer to November 15 to close. I PROMISE YOU; those were the two MOST STRESSFUL months of life! I felt like giving up many times; both before purchase and during closing. With someone even slightly less put-together than Beatrice, I might have given up and rented forever.

I'm happy and proud to say that I'm a homeowner in the Bay Area. I feel like I'm laying the ground work for many successful years here to invite friends over, build an investment, and maybe raise a family in one day. I have enough space to stretch my legs and I'm still only a ten-minute drive to San Francisco, the city that stole my heart a few short years ago.

Beatrice kept me grounded and sane. I'm happy that she was the agent that facilitated this transition and milestone in my life. I would (and have) recommended her to my friends and anyone else who's looking for an agent in SF/Daly City/Oakland. She also just sent me a nice gift basket to celebrate the New Year, which was a nice little cherry on top of a stressful but rewarding 2016!


Erika J.
Beatrice was extremely helpful to me as I navigated an unexpected eviction. She was knowledgeable about the various types of evictions in San Francisco and was able to advise me with confidence and ease. She is sharp, charming, and was lovely to deal with during an unbelievably stressful process.


Beatrice is a highly talented real estate professional! I recommend Beatrice to anyone who wants to buy or sell real estate in the Bay Area.

Vera Kopilenko

Norma E.
Vera sold many properties for a professional I was working with and she referred me. Vera and Beatrice were there for everything!! There was never a moment we did not feel cared for and able to trust their service. Vera and Beatrice were all we needed. Amazing service!!


Pam F.
I interviewed three realtors in the area to get a feel for the market and their opinion on my property. I chose Vera and her team because she/they are extremely knowledgeable and professional. I’m an out-of-state resident and I left with full confidence and her ability to get the job done. Not only did she get the job done, found me a qualified buyer and an offer over asking price.

Vera takes her job seriously and if a bump in the road comes along, she Will do everything she can to find a solution to the problem. She is hands down the best realtor I have had the pleasure to work with and I have made a good friend in the process. I know that I am completely satisfied and know you will be also!


Jim H.
We met Vera in 1989, when our accountant told us "You need to buy a house," He sent us to Vera, with the caveat, "Don't call her, unless you are ready to buy a home." He was right. 3 weeks later we owned a home. Vera is intelligent, professional, honest and very knowledgeable.

Vera walked us through the whole process from being pre-qualified, financing, lender, title and closing. We told her what we were looking for and things we wanted to avoid. She recommended we drive around, to get a feel of various areas in San Francisco. Good tip to look at the neighborhood.

Since I go to work early (5:30) wanted to see what it's like at such an early hour. We did that, when we thought we found what we wanted. One drive through and we changed our minds. She is not hesitant to give you an opinion, followed by a YES or a NO...

After countless open houses and neighborhood searches, we found our house. Vera gave us many hours of her time and expertise. It turns out, we gained a relative too. She never loses contact with a client. Phone calls, cards, emails, texts. Always there.

We were fortunate enough to also meet her family. When the "we" became an "I" because of a death, she was there, along with daughter Beatrice and husband Bo. 28 years later, she's still helping. Select Vera and you will receive knowledge, expertise, honesty and trust worthiness. And, she's a terrific cook.


Paul S.
Vera is an exceptional real estate professional agent. She works for her clients with all her heart, understanding what they need, diligently solving problems along the way, and getting favorable results usually beyond clients' expectation. I have been helped by Vera since 1994. I am impressed by her attention to details and her judgment at decision times. I trust her expertise advice for the sales and purchases of my homes all these years.


Denzhe M.
I called Vera after 5 years in my condo in Bay Point (my first home and which Vera assisted me in purchasing). I asked for her assistance once again in selling my previous home and then buying a new place in Stockton. I told her that I cannot purchase the Stockton house unless I sold my Bay Point home. To make the story short, Vera and her team was able to close both deals simultaneously. Vera is great and wonderful to work with. She is diligent and will take good care of her clients. If you’re looking to sell your house or buy a home, I would HIGHLY recommend Vera Kopilenko and team!


Debbie B.
Vera is my agent for life. That's a fact. She has guided us through home sales & purchases in the Bay Area and beyond. Her knowledge of the market and her expert handling of each transaction gave me & my husband great peace of mind. I would not make a move without her. She has successfully assisted several friends & family members as well. You won't be disappointed.


Svetlana V. and Gennaldiy B.
It was a pleasure dealing with Vera as our buying agent. She is a dedicated professional capable of successfully dealing with any issues that come up during the difficult process of buying property. In our case, they were difficult problems in an extremely competitive market that she helped us overcome, providing great support–both as a professional, as well as a very friendly and intelligent person. We would definitely recommend her to any potential buyers, if they want their experience to be more efficient and enjoyable.


Charmaine T.
Thank you very much for helping my family for more than a decade with property management, and now selling and buying. My family could not have continued the rental of their condo in Daly city without your services in and locating tenants and property management.

I appreciate your reliability and astute understanding of people in the real estate market. Your marketing strategy to sell the daily city condo at 1551 Southgate was dead on accurate. All improvements that you suggested were worthwhile in achieving in a solid selling price. Your recommendation of a good contractor and management of the work helped prepare the condo for a quick sale, and we were impressed with the results.

Because we were executing a commercial real estate exchange any hot seller’s market, we were unsure if we could locate a replacement property in time, but we finished ahead of deadline. Your advice in educating ourselves about the real estate market in different areas and prices was invaluable. Your timely phone calls and text messages kept everyone on track and on schedule.

As a real estate agent, you have the rare combination of experience, dedication and integrity. I’m very glad we have had your representation and we’ll not hesitate to use your services in the future. Thank you, Vera!


Michael L.
Thank you for the pleasure of working with you! Very patient and helping, sticking with me for three months of search, pointing out all the pros and cons of different properties (and we saw more than a dozen of them!), and walking with me through the whole closing process, always being by my side, explaining every step in detail and making sure nothing is missed. Thank you again Vera for a great job!


Johnny Y.
My sisters, Perl and Sharon, and I have recently sold my sister Lilly’s home. Lilly passed away January 23, 2009 and it was her wish that Pearl, Sharon and I should share the proceeds of the sale of her home.

Because of Lilly’s along illness and our procrastination, the house was not an its best condition. This is when it was suggested that we secured Vera Kopilenko as our realtor to sell the home. Immediately we were impressed with the wave euros got to the essential points that required attention. She informed us of the current state of the real estate market and guided us to the best way to bring the house to the real estate marketplace.

Vera also found contractors to do the minor repairs and cleanup, and since we are all occupied with our own affairs, you’re also received the contractors for us when necessary. Was very efficient and remain sensitive to the fact that we were not just selling the house for money but to obtain a sense of closure of Lilly’s passing.

The time from when we met Vera to the close of escrow was approximately 9 to 10 weeks: very efficient in deed. The house was sold to a young couple just starting out in life, and I could see that they would raise a family: a solid sense of closure. We’ve received about 4% more than our asking price. Needless to say, I would highly recommend Vera Kopilenko to anyone who wish to put a home on the real estate market.


Dorothy Q.
It is a pleasure and a personal blessing to write you from Georgetown, Texas about the wonderful personal and professional relationship with your agent Vera Kopilenko. Without a doubt, I would not have been able to fulfill my life-long ambition and the dream of retiring in beautiful sun city here, if it were not for the help, persistence, constant support and fantastic Real estate expertise of Vera Kopilenko.

My story begins last year in the middle other terrible Financial Real estate recession coupled with my diagnosis of three, separate cancers followed by three operations. Because I had many years ago owned a real estate firm, I was a little more familiar with the real estate laws and regulations. Or so I thought. Indeed, the rules and regulations have changed each year as we live and breathe.

I interviewed many agents and I was most impressed by the caring, professional attitude and up to the date knowledge Vera Kopilenko as we walked through trying financial times last year in this recession. I thought I would lose so much along with worrying about my health. Trusting a complete stranger with your lifelong investments has got to be the best compliment I could ever give anyone in my life.

Vera sold my rental property during one of the worst days of both the recessions and on the same day I was operated for lung cancer. She took care of everything and even managed to sell it for more than asking price! I obviously survived those operations and consequently, moved forward to buy a retirement home here in Texas.

But wait, there is more. Vera sold a rental property of mine. And Vera sold my personal residence which I lived in for over 30 years in Pacifica, California. She sold my home while I was unpacking my boxes and my new home here In Texas. Vera and I we’re continually in close contact with each other iPhone, fax, email, and any method necessary during selling negotiations even though I had moved out of state. Just as important, I could always reach her if I had a question.

Once again, she was able to successfully market and sell my home in California for more than the asking price during a continuing financial crisis. It is a privilege to recommend Vera to anyone who is looking for a caring, professional, patiently understanding and tough negotiating agent who can close the deal on your behalf and one who goes that extra mile for you. I would be honored to talk with anyone who might be considering her as her agent.


Dennis M.
I would like to share with you the wonderful experience I had with Vera, who represented me in purchasing my first home. Started to look for house in December 2009. A different agent was representing me at the time. To make the story short, three months, we made eight offers with no positive results. I was very frustrated by the lack of progress. So, I decided to look for another agent and my coworker gave me Vera’s contact information.

In March 2010, I sent Vera an email asking her to represent me. In less than an hour, I received a call from Vera. I told her I had two houses that I wanted to see an we set up a date and time. Review the two houses that I was interested in and we ended up making offers on both properties. We got outbid on the first property and got accepted on the second. A month later, I closed my escrow.

Today, I am meeting Vera after work so she can hand me my house key. I’m so excited! I just want to let you know that I’m very impressed with Vera’s professionalism and the way she handled the whole deal. Vera listen to me and understood the specific requirements. She took care of everything for me and guided me along the way. She can be easily contacted when I need help or if I have any concerns and gets back to me quickly. I will refer Vera to anyone I know who is going to purchase a house.


Kenneth and Nicol W.
My husband and I found the process of purchasing a home here in the bay area incredibly positive and smooth due to the helping hand of realtor Vera Kopilenko. Her knowledge of the area in the local market, her thorough professionalism, and a genuine caring attitude made all the difference to us. Vera provided invaluable assistance and representation from beginning to end.

Through all the phases of the process– from helping us choose the right home, to diligently following through, to closing the transaction–zero remained professional, caring, and supportive. We are so impressed with her high level of professional service that we have recommended her to everyone we know and would choose to use only Vera and any other future Real estate endeavors.

Above all, we were impressed with Vera’s honesty and integrity throughout the process. She treats every client, despite the size of the transaction, with the utmost of respect and dignity. Again, we can offer nothing short of the whole – hearted of Vera as a realtor.


Ona R.
This is a letter of appreciation and commendation for real estate services performed by Vera Kopilenko and associates. Vera having sound and vast professional knowledge and skills in real estate Took my property at arch Street in San Francisco under her care and with great integrity sold send property within 60 days. With each step she took special care and concern with legalities, finances, time, and what was most beneficial to me. Vera has the most unique combination of professionalism and personal care. I look forward to working with Vera again.


Jack & Adele K.
This letter is written in commendation of your agent, Vera Kopilenko. 22 years ago, Vera assisted us in the purchase of our home in Pacifica. She was professional and attentive to every detail of that transaction. When we made the decision to sell our family home the choice of realtor was clear. Vera’s guidance and expertise were even more appreciated in the sale of her home. She kept us completely informed of every detail whether great or small. We greatly appreciated her advice and relied heavily Vero was available to us at all times. Ms. Kopilenko is a consummate professional, you are fortunate to have her as a member of your team.


Janaye R.
I would like to take this opportunity to endorse and recommend Vera as an outstanding choice for all of your real estate needs. I had the opportunity to purchase my current home under the experienced guidance of Vera. I was struck by feeling like I was in fear is only client and spite of the reality she is a top producing agent, a skill not easily mastered by many. She took the time to answer all of my questions and have the patience to allow me to make an informed confident decision, which I was able to do because Vera equipped me with all the right tools. I am so very thankful and fortunate to have been the beneficiary of Vera’s wisdom, market experience, and knack for skillful negotiation.


Kathleen T.
I wanted to take a moment to let you know of the immensely positive and memorable experience my husband and I recently had working with Vera Kopilenko. We decided to begin the search to purchase our first home in November 2008.

As first-time buyers, we felt we were learning at every step in the process and weren’t entirely sure what to expect given the constant changes and downturns in the housing market, including one referral for Vera. We decided to ‘test drive” different agents, but after our first day at with Vera, we knew we had found the right agent for us. Choosing to work with Vera was one of the most important choices we made in the process, second only to the final choice we made on the property we purchased.

She made the experience smooth and understandable with her friendly personality and incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Vera was patient with us at every step, as we waffled on house type, location, price range, and everything in between. Only did she take the time to discuss all our options with us, she spent countless hours showing us over 30 homes all over the Bay Area, from the Peninsula to the East Bay. She was wonderful at anticipating our questions and having thoughtful answers ready for us. Vera made herself available whenever we needed her and was responsive to our phone calls and emails throughout. We knew that our price range was on the low end of the spectrum, but we felt we were treated like a top client without regard to the amount of money we were able to spend.

At the very end of January, we received the great news that our offer had been accepted on a home we really wanted. The news was both exciting and distressing because my husband and I had a preplanned trip which put us out of the country for the first two weeks of January, when the deal would be coming together. Vero was able to quell our concerns and helped us make all the necessary legal and inspection arrangements to move the process forward despite our absence. Vera was even willing to work with our family in our stead during the time we were away to ensure the process moved forward.

As we went through the process of signing documents, meeting escrow officers, and searching for a loan, Vera was with us at every step. Her network of connections and contacts was incredibly beneficial as she was able to refer us to loan agents, inspectors, and any other services we needed. We came home to the most wonderful news; we were very close to be the owners of the home we really loved. By the first week of February, we were in our first home.

In the short span of 3 months, Vera was able to find us our first home, which we love! Working with her was the smartest choice we made, and we would gladly work with her again and refer her to anyone hoping for an all-around positive homebuying experience.


Cindy and Dexter S.
This letter is to the knowledge, recommended and thank Vera Kopilenko, Realtor – associate for her outstanding work and professionalism, in the recent sale of our family home and the purchase of a second one. My family and I were novice when it came to real estate and also had deep emotional ties to our home 45 years located on Byxbee Street in San Francisco, California. With the real estate market in its current state, we wanted to be sure that we have the right individual to seller home.

Vera was definitely that person and made the entire process very easy. Her honesty, deep knowledge of Real estate, and pricing for the neighborhood generated an incredible amount of interest in the property. We had 10 offers, sold a home for much more than the asking price, and in a very short period of time.

With the purchase of our second home that we have now moved into in Alameda, California. With this transaction, Vera again, went way beyond our expectations a demonstrated total professionalism and integrity. The transaction was a little more challenging due to the inexperience of the listing agents, but Vera never let that fact, or they deter her and stayed on top of every single detail; again completing the transaction in a very short time.

I can’t speak highly enough about Vera and the excellent, remarkable, outstanding job she did for us. Without her, we never would have accomplished all that we did, the sale of one home and the purchase of another, in two months. Beer took care of all the details and made those transactions a total success and made us feel like we were her only clients.

Vera, along with her new husband Bo are warm, caring and generous individuals, and most definitely friends for life, to my family and me. Please know that Vera is a total asset to your organization, and I will recommend her highly for future clients.


Catherine W.
I am long overdue in writing a personal testimonial in praise of your broker Vera Kopilenko for the exemplary job she did in the astute preliminary marketing and final sale of my deceased mothers’ home in St. Francis Woods. Since I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I did experience some an initial anxiety that I would be too remote to have much involvement in the step-by-step stages of the whole process.

I need not have experienced I’m moments fear! Vera managed to bridge the long-distance gap with all the self-assured deftness of a skilled professional. Being separated by several states was no problem at all. Vera never failed to keep me informed of all the pertinent details along the way, always making herself accessible day or night by providing me with her personal cell phone number. If I happen to call the office add an inappropriate time when she was engaged in a meeting, she returned my call promptly as soon as she became free.

From day one, I had the distinct impression that Vera works tirelessly for her clients, never compromising her determination and resolve to bring in the best possible price for the property being marketed. I am entirely convinced that Vera settles for nothing less.

My mother died at over 100 years old. She had a round-the-clock caretaker for 11 years. Understandably, in her old age and pitifully frail condition, she was unable to handle and upkeep of her house. Inevitably, the house suffered from neglect, deterioration, and decay. Despite that, it immediately obvious reality, Vera approached the impending sale of the house with a positive attitude. I think she believed in her own time-tested abilities, and rightfully so.

When the bidding ultimately shut down after only a few short weeks, Vera had assembled a pile of the 23 bids for consideration! Frankly I was nothing short I’m amazed! She herself surpassed all the other realtors in the competition by bringing in not only the most qualified buyers but also the most substantial offer. The results were phenomenal!

On the evening news almost daily we all bear gloom and doom prophecies about the severely depressed housing market and the deplorable bubble bursting state of the American economy. It’s not an encouraging picture that is being painted in the media. I’m pleased and delighted that I can offer a contradictory personal experience to a negate this bleak outlook.

To all future Remax clients, I say this, with Vera at the helm working on your behalf, you can rise above all the nationwide with trust that you aren’t truly competent hands. I only regret that it is not within my power to lift Vera out of California Remax office entrance port her buy magic carpet to my local Tulsa branch, where I could then List my own house with her. I would not hesitate one second in doing so! She has proved herself to be a champion by anybody’s standards.


Russell J.
I would feel remiss not to commend Vera on the outstanding, if not astounding, job she did on the sale. The price was far more than we would have dreamed possible. Her complete and total professionalism was evident from start to finish. There was never in unturned phone call or incomplete explanation of any aspect of the transaction. I reach several compliments from other realtors, were essentially her “rivals”.

Her keen understanding of pricing and timing generated an incredible amount of interest in the property. I am aware of the sheer number of hours she spent showing the property to potential buyers. I am afraid she had time for little else during the sale period. Please accept my thanks for the wonderful job your agency did on the sale. Brava!


Ray C.
I wanted to put into writing heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your successful sale of our San Francisco home. Having owned our home on Monterey Boulevard for 21 years and having raised our four children there, Darlene and I truly appreciate your professionalism and grace in guiding us through the process in such a relatively short time. I especially valued the accuracy and realism of your estimates of the market value of our home.

You certainly did a more thorough job of identifying comparable sales in the city and you had a far superior sense of the market then did the three other competitors for this business. Obviously, your long and successful experience paid off for us.

More importantly, I feel your business ethics which compelled you to give honest estimates of her home’s value when others seemed to be playing up to our emotions as homeowners by throwing out much higher numbers. I shudder to think how much time would’ve been wasted had we listed at the prices suggested by our competitors.

You never failed to answer your phone quickly when I called, and you were persistent in getting a hold of me despite my distance and the many distractions of our move and new extremely busy job. You made strong, confident and successful recommendations for sales strategy. You took care of details that normally would be my job had I been there to do them.

I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the Homeowners Association and others with whom you worked on our behalf. I would be happy to be listed a reference for your future clients. Again Vera, my family and I thank you so much for your hard and successful work.


L & S.
Thank you so much for taking the time to find us are perfect first home. You’re not only instrumental in the procedure but working with you is a complete joy. It was clear to us from the first time we went looking at properties, that you took heed of the details that are important to us in the house and eventually you found us a home that is just about designed for us. Your attention to our personal taste and its needs is really a special touch put into your work.

From the moment you called to let us know that you have found “our” House to the closing of the escrow, you were there for us, day and night. You could not have been righter and declaring this house to be the right fit for us and we are so glad you insisted that we take our time out of our hectic schedule to see it.

We tell everyone the story of how you called to say you found are home and how we would surely have not taken the time to see this place, let alone have the opportunity to make it ours, without you believing and insisting that it was perfect for us. And you were hundred percent correct–the moment we walked to the door; we knew why you were so insistent! You matched us perfectly and now we are happily settled in and charming home.

And if that wasn’t enough, you made the process of purchasing seem easy. Despite our hectic travel schedules, buying this home was one of the least stressful projects that we’ve ever done. Thanks to you, your flexibility and willingness to work around our schedules. You made us very happy and we sincerely thank you.

Everyone should have your help when buying a home. You made the process easy, but more importantly you cared enough to find us a house that can only be described as our home. Vera, you were instrumental in matching us to the ideal house and we cannot express in words how much we appreciate you and how at peace we are in our perfect home.


Charlotte W.
I would like to look knowledge one of your realtor colleagues, Ms. Vera Kopilenko. She is truly a fine real estate agent, and I can understand why she is #1. Her knowledge, relationships with employees, clients, arrangements with mortgage brokers are in exemplary. In lieu of the survey, I just wanted to drop a note. When I first met Vera, explain my situation, she was on the ball, and she helped me get a condo. Especially in this type of hot real estate market… I still can’t believe it. But I am here!!! And how lucky I am… and… I am very grateful for her superior services and your organization.

Believe me I will call her again when it’s time to move/By something else. I would like to vote for her as #1 for 2004, if it will make a difference. I would’ve written sooner, having two jobs, and still cleaning and trying to get organized. As you see, we moved from a two-story house to a condo… need to downsize, etc.… and I just got my computer up today. And at work, got over hectic, very busy time… I apologize for the long delay… So, if you have any questions, and need to discuss anything, please let me know.


Nina S.
I wholeheartedly recommend Vera as your real estate agent. Her knowledge of the real estate market is impressive and deep. She has seen in just about every situation, and with her far-reaching experience, she calmly and adeptly handles what could be worrisome matters. She helped my family realizes dream.

She listed our home and over hundred people showed up for the open house. We had 14+ offers and close the deal with in two weeks. She is an extremely professional, honest and keeps her clients’ best interests at the forefront. We are now in Fairfax, surrounded by trees and good neighbors, and though the house needs some work, we feel home. Thank you for your calm, steady, superb handling of 47th Ave. You have helped me realize a dream.


Stanton, Laurie, & Miles G.
We are writing to let you know how impressed we were with the services that Vera gave us when we purchased one home and sold the home, we were living in. You are very fortunate to have Vera as part of your team have a realtors. You should be very proud to employ such a good person and skilled realtor.

We first met Vera and Boris 11 years ago, when they sold our first home. We immediately liked to their warmth and their affable personalities and we were surprised at how accessible they made themselves to us. They did an excellent job negotiating the details of that first home and we knew that we would call them again if we were ever able to purchase another home. When we decided to purchase another home, we were very pleased to call Vera and Boris again. We would not even think I’m calling anyone else.

Boris is the only one who showed us the home that we bought. Even though he was not feeling well, he was there to show us the place and offer his advice. Both Boris and Vera came to our home to help assign the closing papers on our new home and to offer suggestions about selling our previous home. Again, Boris was not feeling well, but he loved his work and he wanted to be there to help guide us to the real estate process.

This was the last time we saw Boris. He became increasingly ill and he passed away two days after we accepted an offer on the home were selling. We told Vera that we would understand if another agent at the office handled our sales transactions for us, but she carries through with every detail of the sale. Vera new that Boris would have wanted her to carry on with work, so that is what she did. And no one could have done a better job.

Vera developed very professional looking flyers with attractive colors, sponsored to open houses, represented the buyer of the home we were selling and negotiated a deal that everyone was tremendously happy about. Vera has superb negotiating skills, she is completely honest and trustworthy, and she gives 150% to all her clients. Vera and Boris were a winning team. We are not surprised at all that Vera was recommended as a top sales person last month. She and Boris built up a strong client base over the years because they have invested in their clients. They gave it their all for each client, so people give them referrals. Vera will find it extremely difficult to go on without Boris, but she has a rewarding and profitable career ahead of her because of the great work that she and Boris did together.

We will always miss Boris and we will always be friends with Vera. She is the kind of woman that we want on our side.


Judy H.
Almost a year ago, my husband and I listed my family home baby On Victoria Street in San Francisco with agents Boris and Vera. Even though many months have passed since the house was sold, I can’t forget the very professional service that we received from them. Although we lived in Georgia at the time of the listing and still do, the negotiations and creative solutions, the immediate contacts entire list efforts by Boris & Vera cannot go unmentioned. They were extremely knowledgeable and available To Us A in spite of the distance. I would highly recommend this team to anyone in that area with your real estate needs and I am so fortunate we found them.


Agnes Y.
Thank you for your invitation to correspond with you, regarding the sale of my condominium. On January 11, 2002, the final phase of the sale of my commercial property, condominium, Village Serramonte, concluded.

For months, we all, are facing difficult economic times… uncertainty. Unfortunately, the business environment affected the sale of my property, which was not smooth, quick or certain; there is deep concern that the sale may not finalize, after three attempts with three different buyers. Without Boris and Vera, who graciously gave patients, guidance, cooperation and consideration to all parties, truthfully, I do not believe my property would be sold today.

My daughter and I are sincerely grateful to Boris and Vera for all their effort and hard work to find the appropriate buyer; to present my property and the sale proposal in an appealing manner, to keep us informed into encourage us that the right buyer will appear soon. Boris & Vera never gave up! We will always appreciate you! We found the RIGHT REALTORS, who have the wisdom and the courage to help us. Thank you for the opportunity to express our gratitude to you.


Eddie B.
This letter is to commend the realtors Boris and Vera for the wonderful job they did in my home in San Francisco. Selling real property can be very stressful, especially for novice. Boris and Vera made the entire process very easy. They were easy to talk to and explained everything about the selling process in detail. They answered all my questions fully to my satisfaction. They were very conscientious about keeping appointments, returning my phone calls, and being present with all prospective buyers, contractors, et cetera. It is my impression that they are extremely competent. Through their efforts, I was happy to accept an offer for my property after only three or four days on the market. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone wishing to put their property on the market. They truly made this experience pleasant for me.


Shaun M.
I want to take this opportunity to share with you my experience with the relocating to California from New York with AT&T. I am currently a manager in NCS, LIAM Organization, located in Pleasanton. In addition, I’m close with Mr. Richard A Dennis, a former director in human resources. I thought you’d appreciate the feedback.

Relocating to the San Francisco Bay Area from New York City has been a learning experience and at times, learning can be painful a stressful process. Not only did I have a challenging time a mortgage the best suited my needs, but there was a mix up on the scheduled dates for moving my household items out of New York City. In addition, someone lost two of my boxes and there were a couple of dings on my car when it was transported across country.

There is a pair of individuals that I believe deserve special attention: my real estate agents Boris and Vera Kopilenko. They guided me throughout the entire process of purchasing a condominium in San Francisco. Not only did they coach me in the process from making an offer to closing escrow, they also gave me guidance on the different types of mortgage instruments.

From the outset, I shared with them my expectations; I emphasize the importance a good communication, commitment and follow-through. In addition, I stated that if I was pleased with their level of performance, I would prefer them to other friends and associates who are looking for housing in the area. They were excellent at communicating with me. Boris was very sensitive to my limited availability and would do whatever necessary to share pertinent information (voice, mail, email, page and fax). He and Vera were very flexible and patient and needless to say, I was very impressed with their level of service.

If Boris was out of pocket, he would have his wife or someone on his team cover for him. The exceeded my expectations, they are customer focused, have a high level of enthusiasm, dedication and knowledge of the business. They made my first experience of purchasing a home - the biggest financial decision I’ve ever made – a delightful one. I would highly recommend them to any associate/family relocating to San Francisco Bay Area.


Robert B.
The purpose of this correspondence is to relate my experience with the realtors Boris and Vera regarding the sale of a house that had been my home during the early years of my life and that I had inherited at the passing of my parents.

In order to determine how much money, the property was worth, how much I should invest and fixing it up and with the best marketing strategy would be, I interviewed three real estate agents, who had either advertised in the neighborhood or had been referred to me by friends. All of the agents presented to me a comparative market analysis and recommended an asking price at approximately the current selling price of similar properties.

Outside of that, their presentations varied. They spent considerable time Learning about the property, including: making a careful inspection, listening to my account of its history, and asking me about the immediate neighborhood. They recommended that I make the property stand out among the competition by taking up the carpet, polishing the floors, removing some of the furniture, and painting some exterior trim. They clearly explained all factors to choose a listing price by explaining what to expect if I listed higher than, the same as, or lower than the current average sales price. Finally, they conveyed a sense of commitment to me by pledging both of their efforts at weekend open houses, private showings, and during negotiations.

The other agents, after brief inspection and without obtaining additional information, recommended that I leave the house as it was, asked the current average sales price, and see what happens. I choose Boris and Vera. After he made improvements they had recommended, the arrange to tour for other agents, added the property to the multiple listing, advertise in the newspapers, conducted private showings, and held open house inspections on weekends.

After the first open house, I received the offer to purchase my property. They clearly explained the strengths and weaknesses of this offer and presented strategies to improve my position, as they did with the four other offers that I received during the next several weeks. Their counsel during this time not only gave me education in negotiation, but also reinforced my belief that they were, indeed, always acting in my best interest.

Approximately 5 weeks after the first open house, I accepted a purchase offer that met both my price and my conditions of sale from a well-qualified buyer. At the time of this writing, we are in the final stages of escrow. Boris and Vera always performed up to, and often exceeded, my expectations. I do not hesitate to recommend them and would invite anyone with further inquiries to contact me.


Myrian C.
I was assisted in the May 1994 purchase of my new home on 16th Ave. in San Francisco by Boris and Vera Kopilenko. I was very pleased with their services. Their true professionals. They’re knowledgeable, always available and helpful, and a pleasure to work with. Whenever in and pass occurred in the negotiations, they found creative solutions. Without their tireless efforts, I would not have been able to purchase my new home. I recommend them highly.


Laurie & Stan G.
We highly recommend Boris and Vera Kopilenko to buy or sell your home for you. They recently helped us to purchase our first home. We were extremely impressed by their honesty, Energy and reliability. They know the real estate business inside out and they are extraordinarily hard-working people. They went the extra mile for us and were even able to negotiate a lower purchase price on our home. Moreover, they both have wonderful personalities and were a pleasure to work with.


Eileen K & Robert C.
We sold our San Francisco home with Vera as our agent and we are writing to command her service. We found Vera very knowledgeable, thorough and professional. She uses her knowledge of real estate transactions in the market to put both the buyer and seller at ease. We always found her very pleasant and would recommend her to our friends looking to buy or sell in this area.


Joseph K.
I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding work Vera has afforded James and myself on the purchase of Dartmouth. She was there each and every step of the way for us. More importantly, she continues to extend herself and provide us with invaluable assistance in bringing the property to a comfortable position. As you may note from this letterhead, I’m with an international law firm and have multiple occasions to deal with business people around the world. Ms. Kopilenko stands out as one of the true professionals I have met in the course of business, both personal and professional. Both James and I are so thoroughly impressed with her abilities that we felt it necessary to bring this to your attention.

Primavera Realty

Jessica and Robbie K.
We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your thankful consistent hard work during the recent house hunt we went on together to find our new home. We are so pleased with her lovely little quote Maple Manor” and could not be more pleased with you as our realtor. The process was grueling in this crazy bay area market and with you by our side helped us to stay with it and the outcome has been more than lovely. We now have a beautiful home to grow our family in, having started gardening and such amazing welcoming neighbors! Even with the daunting number of houses that we set out to view; your charm, humor and patience really guided us through the stress of making the right decisions for us, the paperwork and overall the thoughtfulness to get what we both were looking for. Your personalized welcome gifts were more than the icing on the cake and a perfect addition to our home. We highly recommend anyone looking to venture down the rewarding path of owning your own home choose to partner with you as the perfect guide for such an adventure! Thankful to you.


John and Denise S.
Thank you so very much for your diligence, dedication, and professionalism in selling our San Francisco home. You’re a great team and never missed a beat. Working with you always so smooth and with all we have going on, you help to ease our stress with your caring attitude and calmness. You maintain a pulse on the market and thank you for sharing the comps before and during the process this helped us to manage our expectations. We also appreciated you working with her son after we moved out of the property. Together, our families were an awesome team! This enabled us to sell her home for a price that was acceptable to us. I miss talking to you regularly already. We feel like he became “family” this journey and we are grateful for all that you do. We definitely want to keep in touch!


Cooney family
Now that the proverbial dust has settled and the family home at Crestlake Drive has been sold by you, it is important to all of us that I write you this well-deserved “thank you” letter. I think representing my mother in law’s estate, as our broker, how to present a tougher challenge than most of your listings, primarily because of the number of executors and the thousands of miles they were spread apart. Challenging and diverse personalities within our family, didn’t make it easier. Is that I don’t see how we could’ve gotten through that selling process, and achieve the highest selling price that we did, without you. I’ve been in the real estate business in the north east us for 50 years and without a doubt you are the best of the best in residential brokerage. To accomplish what we had to do here, required excellent market knowledge, firm understanding of local real estate laws and practices, super negotiating skills, superior intelligence, and the very finely tuned people intuition. You provided all of this to use along with 24-hour availability, hard work, detail orientation, Extreme professionalism and I can’t stress this point enough, unquestionable honesty and integrity. How fortunate were we to have you representing our family. Any commission, regardless of its size, is not enough payment for the exceptional work you did for us. We hope to sincere expression of gratitude adds to your well-earned compensation. I invite any potential client who reads this letter to call me directly, at the above home number, if they need any further convincing that you were the best broker for them. I know from experience that treasures in the residential brokerage field are few and far in between… and you are one of those rare treasures. And by the way, what a great asset was to have your husband, Bo, and an extremely intelligent broker, stand by you. His added help with difficult details to deal with from a distance was greatly appreciated.


Augustine D.
The family Coleman would like to express their sincere appreciation for your diligence and efforts in the timely sale of the Coleman home. Your professionalism, expertise, attention to detail and caring attitude reflect well on you and made it truly a pleasure working with you as our real estate agent. This helped to take a great burden off the family at a time of bereavement. If the situation were to present itself, the family would welcome the opportunity to again work with you and would not hesitate to recommend you to others as a real estate agent.


Thank you very much for doing an excellent job on selling our home! We are very happy with the first home and appreciate your help in managing the whole process. We will be calling you whenever we have any real estate need.


John P., Broker
I’m writing this letter primarily to document the exceptional service you gave us on the sale of our condo. These are difficult times, and economic pressures are great. Your diplomatic demeanor and handling both escrows are to be commended. The first escrow fell out, though no fault of yours, in the fast action and place it back on the market to replace the buyer is greatly appreciated. I am a former broker/owner of multiple Remax offices and have been with Remax over 20 years. I know what quality performance is, and you have it! I will be happy to consider you my “go to” Real estate agent in San Francisco bay area for future business.


Rochelle C.
Thank you so much for your friendship and for the excellent job you did on selling my house. I wished I had called you sooner. I lost one year, for your excellent marketing skills helped me to sell I do very good price in the tough market. You are a miracle worker. I remained a loyal client no matter where life takes me. You are a jewel in the world. So many agents are unqualified, I’m caring, and out to make a buck. However, you took the time to listen to my needs, make suggestions and then left the decision up to me. Thank you for walking me through the process and utilizing such professional negotiation skills. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on selling my home. I wish you the best success, and prosperity this side of heaven.


Sheila C.
Sending you a huge thank you across the miles for a job well done. You are great! As the market changed from the seller’s market to a buyer’s market, your task became much harder, but you manage to sell my condo in a timely manner and at an attractive price. I was so fortunate to have you recommended to me. It does make a big difference in who your real a state agent is. I have a friend trying to sell her unit. She has had it staged and has had open house weekend after weekend and still no sale. It is your expertise, market knowledge, clearness and precise experience that makes you the performer you are. Thank you again. I would recommend you to anyone.


William & Kay S.
William and I would like to express our appreciation for all of your efforts in the sale of our home in Daly City. You made our lives easier by taking care of all the little details that can quickly become big things if not addressed in a timely manner. We are especially grateful to you for the first follow-up you conducted with the buyers in order for the close of escrow to go smoothly. In the future, we will refer anyone looking to buy or sell their home to you without hesitation as we know you will take care of any issues or concerns, they may have. We have become very fond of you on a personal level and we hope to continue the friendship we have formed.


Ron and Debra H.
I wanted to thank you personally for the tremendous job you did selling our Daly city home for Debra and I. through your expert guidance, advice and management we were able to seller home with only one showing for $12,000 over asking price and ‘as-is’ with no contingencies or inspections. As you accomplished this under the most difficult and trying personal circumstance imaginable. Thank you again for making this complicated selling process so easy and trouble free from our end. We will always remember your kind assistance and impressive expertise and will certainly recommend you in the highest regard to anyone who wants to sell or buy a home with the guidance of a consummate professional.


Jeff T.
On behalf of our entire family, I would like to offer our sincere thanks for the efficient way you handled our recent need for real estate brokerage services. Although the death of our mother was an expected eventuality it was still difficult to deal with both the emotional issues in the handling of her estate. Your honest and sincere hard work made many difficult tasks much easier to deal with. My brother Bruce needed to find a new place to live that better suited his needs. Because you listen carefully to what he said, you were able to find a wonderful new place for him to call home. His new place by the beach not only met his highest expectations but did so comfortably within a tight budget. The selling of our childhood home was also made much easier by your patient attention to details. An estate sale is always a stressful time for family members. We were dealing with a lifetime of memories as well is the earthly possessions and real estate. Both of you assisted the process in many ways not normally associated with the traditional role of marketing a sales listing. You met the needs of various family members in a manner which was always courteous and professional. I was most impressed by the fact that earlier, while our mother was still relatively healthy (and no listing was imminent), you were willing to provide us with a detailed market information that allowed her to feel comfortable that her state could be handled in a way which was consistent with her wishes. Other agents wouldn’t take the time to respond to our request. Thank you very much for all your assistance.


Russell J.
I recently sold my house at S. Mayfair Ave. in Daly City. I was represented by two agents from your office, Boris and Vera. I wanted to let you know that the Kopilenkos were extremely pleasant to work with and thoroughly impressive in their demonstrations of professionalism and skill. I feel that they maximized my profit on the sale and minimized the troubles associated with the sale of one’s home. I would and will recommend them without reservation. It is very reassuring to work with individuals who are obviously excellent in their performance of their duties.


Kenneth & Charlene M.
Selling an older home after years of renters can be a difficult process. The Kopilenko’s made the process flow very smoothly for us. From the first interaction over the phone to the closing of the property, we received top level service. Though we never met face-to-face, we were able to conduct all of our business by phone, fax and mail very efficiently. Most importantly we were very pleased with the final sale agreement. Boris fairly represented us, guided us and kept in constant touch throughout the process. We would highly recommend them to anyone with a real estate need. The level of service, professionalism and trust we experienced made doing business a pleasure.


Dolores & Rick
The help you gave meant so much and hopefully you’ll know this comes with lots more gratitude than words could ever show. Thank you is hardly enough! Your knowledge, kindness, humor made the long wait all worthwhile. Along with our new house we made two wonderful friends!


Riverdale N.
We are nicely settled in our new apartment in New York and remember fondly our appreciation with you, both has good friends and agents for the sale of her home in San Francisco. It was so wonderful to have the sale completed on the eve of our departure from San Francisco, due to your energetic efforts. In the six months of our Association with you, we found both of you always friendly, helpful in capable. It was a pleasure dealing with you. We wish you continued success in your work and our very kind regards.


Mark & Linda M.
Linda and I would like to take this opportunity to think both of you for the excellent manner in which you handled the sale of our home. Every aspect of the deal went so smoothly, and we are extremely grateful. We are very impressed from the beginning buy your preparation an analysis of the market. The asking price was supported by the documentation you had of the recent transactions as a comparable nature. The open houses were simple and uncomplicated. Your recommendations were helpful, and your support was encouraging. It was a definite asset to have two of you available to us at all times. The house was well represented in the advertising and listings. When we received the right offer you protected our interest to ensure that the deal met our complicated needs. The paperwork went smoothly, and everything closed on time. We are now looking forward to our new home with the comfort of knowing that all aspects of this deal are complete. Once again, we thank you for your expertise and competence. We are convinced that we had the best possible representation instilling your home. We would definitely recommend you to anyone considering buying we’re selling a property. All the best to you in the future.